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Relieve Menstrual Cramps With These Five Tips


05 Nov Relieve Menstrual Cramps With These Five Tips

Do you experience period cramps? Try eating sunflower seeds!

 Sunflower seeds are one the richest sources of Vitamin E, which eases tender breasts and menstrual cramps.

 Zinc is also found in sunflower seeds, which relieves belly bloat and pain during menstruation.

 The Rashti Women’s Care team recommends eating a handful of sunflower seeds per day while experiencing cramps.


Ease menstrual cramps with a hot bath!

 The hot water helps relieve muscle tension, relieving cramps and blocking pain sensors.

 To make your bath extra soothing, try adding a few drops of essential oil. We recommend lavender to reduce stress and peppermint to soothe pain.


Ease menstrual cramps with bell peppers!

 Bell peppers are rich in fiber and have a high-water content – which helps fight bloating and cramps.


Our friends at Instyle shared a list of things you should know about your period and whether or not to see a doctor for certain symptoms.

 To read the article, click here!


Do you experience painful cramps with your period?

 Try taking an over-the-counter pain relief medication the day before your period begins to help control the pain of cramps.

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