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There is no bigger decision than deciding to have a child. Every parent wants the absolute best for their child, even before they are born. As you consider conceiving, there are things you have to know that will not only help you conceive, but also help you and your baby be the healthiest possible. Preconception counseling is a vital step to becoming the healthiest and happiest version of you before trying to conceive. We are here to help guide you through every stage of your conception planning. During this process, we will talk you through the steps necessary before conception including:

  • Reviewing your past medical records
  • Assessing your current state of health
  • Discontinuing the use of birth control
  • Evaluating your current diet and exercise habits

By reviewing this information, we will best be able to assist you in adapting your current lifestyle to include a healthy, happy, and beautiful newborn baby.

Prenatal Care

Preparing to welcome a baby into your family is a unique and special time. The entire team at Rashti Women’s Care shares in the excitement of learning everything there is to know about all the stages of your pregnancy and your growing baby. We understand that you will have lots of questions about your pregnancy and your child’s health. Our team is here to listen to you, answer your questions, and to help make your progress throughout your entire pregnancy as smooth and comfortable as possible. Prenatal care is a vital part of helping to ensure the healthiest possible pregnancy along with your child’s ideal development. Throughout your prenatal care, we will perform, examine and discuss ultrasounds, physical exams and medical tests to make sure that everything is going well for both you and your baby. We look forward to helping you during this magical time and to being there in the delivery room with you to wish your child their very first Happy Birthday!


One of the most memorable experiences in life is the birth of your child. As your pregnancy reaches full-term and your journey with your baby is about to begin, the entire team at Rashti Women’s Care will be there to help make this memorable experience as comfortable, relaxing and special as possible for you. Our goal is to ensure that our moms-to-be feel peace of mind knowing that our team will provide the support and medical expertise you need to ensure that your delivery goes smoothly for both you and your baby. It is truly an honor to be there with you every step of the way during your delivery, and to share in the moving experience of seeing your newborn baby’s eyes open for the first time. We look forward to witnessing the expression of joy on your face as we place your baby into your loving arms, to be welcomed to the world by you and your loved ones.


Following the birth of your baby, it’s important that we ensure that you are healing well and recovering optimally. Some moms can experience feeling sad and overwhelmed after childbirth – commonly referred to as postpartum blues or depression. At Rashti Women’s Care your needs always matter especially when you’re feeling most vulnerable. We are here to listen and provide you with the direction and tools to get you back to feeling healthy and happy. We’ll also discuss what birth control might be best for you and when you should consider using contraceptives again. Should you decide that your family is complete, we can discuss your options that can prevent future pregnancies. We love baby photos and visits from new moms and with their little bundles, so please feel free to bring your baby along to your first follow up appointment. We always look forward to seeing you again!