women in their thirties | Rashti Women's Care
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women in their thirties

Most women in their 30s are juggling family and career. Many women manage to find the time to exercise, but with the demands of life in this decade it can be challenging for a women to put herself first. It is critical for women in their 30s to find the time once a year to have a gynecological visit. During these visits your feminine health can be evaluated to prevent any potential problems and you will have a chance to discuss any needs or concerns. During your 30s we will often speak with you about fertility, hormone levels and contraception options. For women experiencing vaginal dryness, vaginal laxity and/or urinary incontinence, Rashti Women’s Care is the only OGBYN practice in Santa Barbara and the surrounding area to offer a new breakthrough laser technology that helps restore your vagina. Please ask us for details.


August 29, 2015