Restore Your Feminine Health & Your Bladder Back To Its Youthful Condition

Women put up with a lot from their bodies: from periods to pregnancy and childbirth to menopause, our bodies undergo so many changes. These changes can wreak havoc on vaginal health, causing many unpleasant conditions. Many women put up with these negative changes, rationalizing that change is part of being a woman and there is nothing that can be done about it.

But what if there was something that could be done? What if you could restore your vaginal health back to what it once was?

The Problem

There are many problems that can arise from the vagina, leading to a less than satisfactory love life:


    • – Giving birth necessarily stretches the walls of the vagina, and it often takes months for the vagina to regain its former tightness. For some women, the vagina never attains its previous tightness. And the more babies you have the worse the problem can become.

Stress Incontinence – Stress incontinence is leakage of urine that occurs when sneezing, coughing, laughing or placing any stress on the bladder. Some women develop this problem at a young age following childbirth, while others develop stress incontinence after menopause as estrogen levels decline and bladder muscles weaken. The result is an embarrassing problem that can happen anytime, even during intercourse. It can lead to low self esteem and a fear of intimacy.

Painful Intercourse – Many women experience painful intercourse, known as dyspareunia. It affects 10 to 20% of American women and can cause significant problems in the bedroom and beyond. Vaginal dryness, vaginal atrophy (shrinkage of vaginal tissues), lack of lubrication, chronic health conditions such as diabetes and autoimmune conditions, bladder issues and pelvic/uterine abnormalities can all be causes of painful intercourse.

Unsatisfactory Intercourse – Some women do not experience orgasm with their partner, and sometimes the problem can be found in the vagina. Lack of sensation due to lack of vaginal tightness can cause problems with achieving orgasm.

The Solution

Women do not have to settle for vaginal discomfort and less satisfying sex! There is now an easy solution to the problems above.

FemiLift is a minimally invasive procedure that is done in an office. There is no anesthetic and therefore no down time – you can literally have a treatment over your lunch hour. It is not painful and healing time is minimal. FemiLift can be used to tighten the vaginal muscles to improve the sensations you experience during intercourse. In short, FemiLift:

  • Is approved by the FDA
  • Is non-surgical
  • Is painless
  • Strengthens the ligaments around the urethra and bladder
  • Tightens the walls of the vagina
  • Decreases stress incontinence
  • Increases vaginal lubrication
  • Helps improve or restore sexual satisfaction and gratification

Dr. Rashti is the only OBGYN in the Santa Barbara area providing this ground-breaking technology.

If you would like to restore your vagina (and your bladder) back to its former youthful health, please contact Rashti Women’s Care to set up a consultation to discuss how FemiLift can help you.



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