“The sweetest guy ever. Glad to have him as my OB. I remember when I was going in for my c-section and post delivery, he was super comforting and supportive about everything. Now after almost a year post baby, he is always helping to answer my questions and making sure I am healthy. Highly recommend him!”

Britt S.

“I don’t usually leave reviews for anything, but I feel compelled to today because I had a fantastic experience at Dr. Rashti’s office today. I had to take my two children with me (1 yr and 3 yrs) and the staff, especially Esmerelda, was so kind to help me entertain and hold them while I got examined… As a new patient, Dr. Rashti took the time (about 25 minutes!) to introduce himself, ask questions and was very personable. I have been to many doctors and most all seem to rush through to get through the next patient. Dr. Rashti was thorough, knowledgeable and understanding, not to mention kind and polite. I will most definitely go back to Dr. Rashti. Highly recommended!”

Emanuelle I.

“I recently just had my first baby and had the privilege of being Dr.Rashtis patient! From the beginning I had complications and being a high risk pregnancy you could only imagine my stress! Dr.Rashti was there for my every need and of course 50 thousand questions. He has a great sense of humor that really helped me get through the rough pregnancy! I appreciated every visit with him! I had many problems along the way and Dr.Rashti educated me on each one along with taking extra care of me. He never failed to make 110% sure that my baby and I were safe!!! After 39 weeks of pregnancy I had a planned cesarean and finally got to meet my perfect baby boy! I highly recommend Dr.Rashti and his team!!! If and when I decide to have another child I will be seeing Dr.Rashti again. I’m very grateful for this amazing experience!”

Emily Wright

“When I went in as a new patient I thought it would be just another Dr’s appt, it was not what I expected, everyone was so warm and welcoming starting with the girl at the front desk, his medical assistant and everyone I came in contact with until Dr. Rashti came into the room everyone was so pleasant. When I met Dr. Rashti he was so kind and caring he took his time not only to talk to me but he listened to me at every appt I never felt rushed through any appt. Even after my appts he would call or his assistant would call to see how I was doing and follow up. It was after my surgery that really showed me what an amazing doctor, Dr. Rashti is, he so kind,caring and patient, i felt like he really takes the time to get to know his patients I knew I was in the best hands for my surgery. I know how hard it is to find a good Dr. And one that really shows he cares about his patients, and can have a good Dr. patient relationship with thats hard to find these days, I would like to say thank you to Dr. Rashti and his wonderful staff.”

Andrea R.

“This has truly been an unforgettable, fun experience. Great staff, awesome midwife, and an incredible doctor. I was able to be myself, be comfortable and feel at home. Gained a new doctor and friends. My doctors office became a little family that I looked forward to seeing every appointment.”


“Dr. Rashti by far is the best OBYN you can ever hope for! He is very attentive to your needs and makes sure all your questions or concerns are answered. As the time comes to bring your baby into the world he makes sure to make you feel calm, secure and empowered. My family was very happy as well as I for the help he provided. Choosing who will provide your pre-natal care and birth of your precious baby is very important and Dr. Rashti can ensure you the best quality care you and your baby need!”

Sulem Huerta